At Stambridge we believe that every day in school is important.  Children who come to school every day, on time and suitably equipped for school will have the very best opportunities to achieve.


We expect every child to have at least 96% attendance.  This means that children should attend school for at least 182 days out of a possible 190.  Don’t forget that with school holidays, non-pupil days and weekends you have 175 days to take holidays, visit the dentist or have routine appointments.


Children should not attend school if they are too ill to do so.  If you are in any doubt please see this handy list of childhood illnesses and the latest NHS advice. Attachment: Chidhood illnesses.

Requests for holiday leave

In order to ensure that every child achieves the very best that they can, we will not authorise any holiday leave.  If you have exceptional ‘once in a lifetime’ circumstances that require your child to be absent from school (other than when they are ill or attending a medical appointment) you must complete a request for exceptional leave form.  Any absences which are not supported by a message on the day of absence, medical evidence or a request for exceptional leave will be treated as a safeguarding issue.


Parents who remove their children from school for the purpose of a holiday will be subject to a fixed penalty notice of £60 per parent, per child.  This will be increased to £120 per parent, per child if the fine is not paid within 14 days.



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